Beauty Tips Galore To Give You Pretty Look

We all love looking good. We therefore have rounded up beauty tips to give that gorgeous look. Whether you want hair tips or want to learn smocky eye technique, then you just landed on the right place. Below are the tips discussed in detail.

Best Beauty Tips For You New Look

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Cover your entire face with foundation and shampoo. This will minimize the signs of aging. When applying makeup, from the periphery to the face inward. Most women tend to concentrate on the middle part of face forgetiing the hailine and jawline and this causes skin damage.
Make sure you blush your face tips. But it is important to determine your face shape first. Blushing your chheks will add color and also define the cheeks.

When applying mascara, place a plastic spoon beneath your eyelashes. This will ensure no mascara will get to the skin beneath your eyes and will accomplish a thicker coat.
When disguising eye bags, it is best to place a highlighter on the crease under the bag, and then use a darker shade on the puffy area.
The way you apply eyeshadow and eyeliner is very important. You can actually create an illusion on how you want to appear. You can make your eyes appear larger, more prominent or even wider. Determine your face shape first!

To make your lips appear larger, apply lipstick just outside your natural line. This should not be overdone though. You do not want to look like a clown

For your hair, massage your scalp as you shower every morning. This will help stimulate your scalp and strengthen the roots of your hair. When brushing wet hair, remember to use a wide toothed comb because it will remove the tangle more easily without causing any hair damage. Remember to style your hair. If you prefer your hair as a bun, use spin pins and you will only need two of them
If you are used to sleeping on cotton it is time to change to silk. Cotton strips your hair its moisture and gives it a less shinier look. In addition silk feels really good!

For the natural beauty tips you might want to consider the following

Honey mask face- Honey is antibacterial and also gives a soft beautiful skin. Make you face with honey once a week once a week using a table spoon of raw honey.
Dip your nails in olive oil for about five minutes. Sit back and admire your pretty nails
Use apple cider vinegar as your clarifying shampoo. It will help eliminate any dirt and oil build up naturally.
Use banana and egg hair treatment. By mixing one egg and one mashed up banana and applying the thick paste on your hair, you will give your hair that shiny look. Leave the paste for about thirty minutes then wash using normal washing procedure.

The following are some skin care tips,
Protect your skin from the sun. It causes it to wrinkle and age. You might want to use sunscreen, sunglasses, long sleeved shirts and wide brimmed hats.
Do not smoke. It will make your skin to appear older.
Treat your skin gently. Limit the bath time with hot water. Preferably use warm water. Hot water removes all oils off the skin.Also shave carefully by using a shaving cream first.
Remember to eat a healthy diet including fruits and vegetables. These will make your skin appear younger.
Mange stress. Stress triggers eruption of acne. Ensure a healthy state of mind always.

Beauty tips,natural beauty tips,skin care tips women are not too complicated. Basically have a good sleep, manage your stress,eat a proper meal always do physical exercises, and the most important of all drink lots of water!

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